Our community of journey participants circle the globe.  We are made up of men and women who yearn to live into timeless myth in our own way of living into it –  we do this to deepen our understanding of who we are, and we strive to take our place and and live our purpose, to be of service in the world.


Become a part of our  community of global participants who strive for vital and meaningful connection, who give themselves fully to the lived experience of a vital and robust approach to life, and who find meaning that centers around the myth of the hero’s journey.

JB Ally Group 2014 Trust Fall

Live more fully and deeply into your own experience of becoming more of who you were born to be.

Nadine, Heather & Asli 1366 x 597

Be the hero of your own life.

Eddie, Jaime, Nuno, Kevin

Be connected to the world, and be of service to it.


“A vital person vitalizes the world.”

David and Axel

Annual Fundraiser, Pittsburgh, PA

Cindy with Young Women - HJF Event Oct 2014

Awakening the Hero Within California Retreat

Small Group at Anubhuti Mar 2015

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