The Hero’s Journey ® Foundation Mission:

We provide experiential learning opportunities by living through the myth of the hero’s journey, and following this myth as a vehicle for human development and transformation.

We support individuals and groups in the pursuit and awakening of their own unrealized potential.


Towards this aim, we at the Hero’s Journey ® Foundation craft experiential learning opportunities based on Joseph Campbell’s archetypal Hero’s Journey ® myth.  We provide offerings to individuals that encourage them to undertake a meaningful and worthwhile journey to become the “hero of one’s own life”.


1.)  To redefine the archetypal role of hero in our current times: from an idealized super-human role to a more human, more real and more realizable role.

2.)  By doing so, we strive to ‘bridge the gap’ between ordinary heroes and the heroes they look up to.

3.)  To provide educational and experiential opportunities for individuals to become the hero of their own lives. We do this through offering wilderness intensives, weekend retreats, unique dinner events and dynamic online courses.


We continue to devote ourselves to the provision of writings, experiences and products that help to take individuals and groups into the mythic journey of the hero.  This is ultimately an inner journey, one that takes us into the vitality of the human body, into the awakening consciousness of the human mind, into the depths of the human heart, and into the infinite energies of the human spirit.

We encourage those participants who experience first-hand the rewards of such an enlivened journey to bring forth the gifts of their own re-discovered vital life, and in turn seek to be of service to the needs of others in the world around them.


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