Surrender To The Wholeness – A Meditation for Grounding in Troubling Times

Here’s a tool for staying present in this moment of the current unknown, “grounding yourself into something solid, while being… [ + ]

Start Your Morning with Embodied Humming

“As our body hums, the present moment lives within us.” – Michael Mervosh. Do you use Insight Timer App as… [ + ]

A Powerful Mind-Body Journey – Michael Mervosh on “Sound Health” with Jim Donovan

Here’s what to do to get out of your head, so you can be in your body. Did you know… [ + ]

Episode 2: Embodied Presence

  Welcome to the second episode of the Hero’s Journey® Podcast, March 2019. In this episode, Michael examines what it takes… [ + ]

The Return Home – Bringing Aliveness Back To Daily Life

    Boon– a symbol of life force energy, geared to the needs and requirements of the one on whom… [ + ]

The Frog King Myth

Michael Mervosh’s lecture on the activation of eros and forward moving life force, brought to life through the Myth of… [ + ]

Cultivating Embodied Presence

Cultivating Embodied Presence: Passing Through the Eye of the Needle “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel… [ + ]

Essential Conversations Broadcast with Charles Lawrence

Hero’s Journey® Foundation presents our Essential Conversations series- a collection of online interviews between Hero’s Journey ® Foundation Executive Director Michael… [ + ]

Journey Allegiance Poem

An audio poem to support the integration of a recent Journey…by Michael Mervosh.  It is a tribute to the Hero’s… [ + ]

The Return Home – Bringing Ourselves Alive Back Into The World

HJ ESSAY #9 – The Return Home: Bringing Ourselves Alive Back Into the World   Boon – a symbol of… [ + ]

The Call To Adventure – Time To Be Taken By The Soul’s Journey

The Call to Adventure: When The Time Comes To Be Taken By The Soul’s Journey by Michael Mervosh   One… [ + ]

The Hero’s Mythic Adventure – Walking In Two Worlds

The Hero’s Mythic Adventure: Walking in Two Worlds    “As humans, we walk on two feet, And live in two… [ + ]

Know The Deal Here, Redux

Know the Deal Here, Redux: Re-Examining Our Entitlement, Impermanence & Sense of Place   The Dakini Speaks  My friends, let’s… [ + ]

The Dissolution Of Our Horizons & The Emerging Ensemble Hero

“There were formerly horizons within which people lived and thought and mythologized. There are now no more horizons. And with… [ + ]

Audio Meditation – Letting Go

A meditation for letting go – opening to surrender and restoration. Creating an inner pathway for moving from Ego to Soul… [ + ]

Time For Awake People To Be Awake

The Darkness Around Us Is Deep: Thoughts on the Significance of Knowing & Being Known   If you don’t know… [ + ]

Shrink Rap Radio Podcast.

Michael Mervosh guested on Shrink Rap Radio, hosted by Dr. David Van Nuys, on October 4th, 2016.

Now Give Me Your Hand

A Reflection On The Notion of Soul & Our Origins  God speaks to each of us as he makes us,… [ + ]

Be On The Watch

A reflection on a poem by Charles Bukowski; on what it means to be paying genuine attention to our lives;… [ + ]

All The True Vows

Quiet your mind, still your body.  Take this poem by David Whyte to heart for awhile. Then sit with the… [ + ]