Essential Conversation Series

Hero’s Journey® Foundation (HJF) presents our Essential Conversation Series– a collection of online interviews between HJF Founder and Executive Director, Michael… [ + ]

Surrender To The Wholeness – A Meditation for Grounding in Troubling Times

Here’s a tool for staying present in this moment of the current unknown, “grounding yourself into something solid, while being… [ + ]

Start Your Morning with Embodied Humming

“As our body hums, the present moment lives within us.” – Michael Mervosh. Do you use Insight Timer App as… [ + ]

A Powerful Mind-Body Journey – Michael Mervosh on “Sound Health” with Jim Donovan

Here’s what to do to get out of your head, so you can be in your body. Did you know… [ + ]

Episode 1: On the Dissolution of Horizons

Listen To The Episode (13:39) Play / pause 1x 1.5x 2x 0:00 0:00 13:39 volume Episode 1: On the Dissolution… [ + ]

The Hero’s Mythic Adventure – Walking In Two Worlds

The Hero’s Mythic Adventure: Walking in Two Worlds    “As humans, we walk on two feet, And live in two… [ + ]