“com-mune” – to converse, discuss, talk over; to communicate intimately (also with nature) – from Webster’s dictionary

To participate in a shared venture with others of like mind, building a shared ground from which to experience life, love, and meaning – this meets a basic and fundamental need we have to feel a part of something larger than ourselves. We need other people – this is often a basic fact that we can ignore or deny, out of our own deep sense of pride, ego or fear. When we cannot see other people as essential resources in our lives, we will only see them as threats. When we cannot make use the presence of other people as resources for well-being in our lives, we will only have access to information, medication or institutions such as hospitals or clinics to attend to our wellness.

Also, a sense of belonging to and with others is vital to an internal feeling of safety and security as we experience the challenges of living in the world. We can only get that sense of belonging by experiencing our own communal participation with others, in a meaningful and shared experience or adventure, whereby each and every participant can feel an alive internal presence while in the presence of others. Often, we will find that the best experiences in life are ones that are mutually shared and appreciated.

Our community section on the website is to offer you access to other people – directly through reading our blog, our interviews, or our participant profiles; by actively conversing or discussion topics of interest with others in our forum discussions, or perhaps more indirectly through one of our other community menu items.


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