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The Hero’s Journey® Foundation is devoted to continuing to offer programs each year that reach deep within the realm of soul to bring out the boon in each individual and to enliven the world with people who are Alive.

Your tax-deductible donation helps to support the depth and quality of the teachings and the experiences provided by Hero’s Journey® Foundation, all of which directly impact the vitality and well-being of those who make use of our resources.

A small donation can go a long way. The ever-living and renewing story of the universal hero’s journey myth resides at the core of The Hero’s Journey® Foundation offerings. Nurturing inner life by living out this myth remains integral to our work. Those who participate in our wilderness journeys, retreats, and web courses are provided with tools and practices for a vital and meaningful inner life. This helps to keep us close to our soul’s purpose in times of disruption and chaos that bring forth new possibilities to be who we are.

Our participants include men and women from a myriad of backgrounds, ages, educational levels, socioeconomic groups, ethnicities, and religious affiliations from the United States and around the world. To date, well over 1,000 people have participated in our various programs, and it is our intention to continue to grow our outreach this year and the years to come.

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