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Our Approach to Four Day Immersion Journeys:

Expect Nothing in Particular, But Be Ready For Anything!

It a challenging task to provide a potential participant with an adequate sense of what to expect during our Hero’s Journey ® Immersion weekends.  In many ways, the proper way to prepare for a four day journey into a wilderness setting is to simply suspend one’s set of exceptions, and open up to what comes, that is beyond whatever it is that is expected.  This is the whole point of an unfolding mystery, and a meaningful, renewing adventure.

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If we think we already know what will transpire before it actually takes place, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to be awestruck, surprised and wonder-filled, and we close the door to what can come to pass, beyond whatever it is we think we are looking for.

Therefore, we encourage all of our participants to let go of what is most familiar for just four days – to truly leave behind the well-known familiarities of home – so they can see what new experiences can be revealed, explored and lived – beyond what is expected or even imagined.


That said, here are some basic expectations to have for your weekend journey immersion in the mountain forests of West Virginia.  You will:

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We will all come together to work towards the good of the whole – so that what one person does for themselves, they do for the whole of the community.  In our way of working, the rising tide of one lifts all the boats.

Your preparation will put you in the best position to have positive and meaningful outcomes during your immersion weekend on the mountain.  Your way of preparing will inform your way of journeying.




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“Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure.”

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