Join other men and women from across the US, Europe and South America on our annual 7 day personal development wilderness intensive in the deep mountains of West Virginia.

Sunset and Men and JC QuoteA Soul Journey

That takes you deeper
To where you haven’t gone before.

A Spirit Journey

That takes you beyond yourself to a sense of expansion and connectedness.

An Awakening Journey

Into new possibilities of living and loving.


About Our Journeys

We follow the Hero’s Journey ® framework for awakening to a timeless and universal process that has been experienced across countless cultures and ages, as first articulated by Joseph Campbell.

Our summer intensives are for those who:

*  hunger for adventure and are ready for a life with deeper meaning, wonder and vitality.

*  are looking create an opportunity to make a significant shift in their life – either internally or externally.

*  want to move beyond the routines and ruts of the life they have established.

*  want to attempt something completely new without knowing where they might need to go or how to go about it.

We will craft the specific conditions necessary to 

bring forth the adventure that is waiting for you.

So expect nothing and be open to surprise.

A spontaneous and meaningful adventure will unfold for those ready to open to it.

Prepare yourself for new possibilities on how to live, how to love, and how to make choices beyond any reality you may have experienced prior to taking this kind of  journey.


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