Episode 2: Embodied Presence


Welcome to the second episode of the Hero’s Journey® Podcast, March 2019.

In this episode, Michael examines what it takes to practice an authentically Embodied Presence, questioning habitual thinking, and learning to practice letting go of patterned habits.

[2:00] Identification with familiar thoughts give us a sense of ourselves

[3:58] How do we let go of thoughts that seem to cling to us? Thoughts have to let go into something else – into a larger container.

[4:20] In order to be embodied we must learn to tolerate physical sensations long enough to inhabit them.

[5:20] Addressing troubling thoughts

[7:50] “Solutions” are the real trouble!

[10:20] Addressing the anxiety of letting go of thought

[14:05] Practicing Embodied Awareness – Meditation

[23:16] Question: What is the world asking of me?