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A Spring Men’s Weekend in WV

May 15th – 17th, 2020
Friday 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon
$395.00 all-inclusive

This weekend we will be limited to 12 men.

You have a rare opportunity to share a dynamic weekend in the soulful fellowship of men, in a majestic and intimate setting, facilitated by Michael Mervosh.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a mail chimp communication informing you of how to prepare, along with a list of the items you will need to bring with you.  We will do everything together on this weekend:

  • Share meal preparations.
  • Build evening communal fires.
  • Sit in men’s councils.
  • Go on a climb on the Via Ferrata.
  • Enter into living the Hero’s Journey myth.

You have the lodging option of staying in a dorm or camping.

We will step out of time, and go into the woods, and out beyond our usual ways of being.  We will open ourselves to a timeless way of being, feeling into our place on the land, in the mountains, and with one another.  We will slow down, drop in, hang out, open up, laugh, cry, laugh more, and sing.

A question will be constantly put forth to the group – “What can happen here and now, that will not happen anywhere else in our lives?”  This question provides us with a quest and serves as a compass heading that supports new possibilities and enlivening interactions among us all.

We will together 
climb the Via Ferrata rock face at Nelson Rocks.

On Saturday morning, we will depart the mountain meadow on Spruce Knob, and head out on an adventure.  We will practice a mindfulness type of walking that will allow us to embody this climb in a purposeful, enjoyable and enlivening way – again, done together.

You will have the opportunity to let go of your grasp of being an “I” that created ego struggles, and over and over, surrender the self into a felt sense of “We”, that will inform us, carry us, hold us and encourage us.  This is a remarkably simple and challenging task of letting go, that makes all the difference in how your climb will unfold for you.

We will use the metaphor of the climb and apply it to how we approach our lives and the future that is before us.  We will shift from the ‘conquering’ posture of the tyrant to the humble and service-oriented posture of the ‘hero’.  Afterward, we will have an evening together to integrate what unexpectedly arrived for each of us during the day.

The evening times will center around the element of a communal fire.

Fires have the ability to transform; they can burn away what is no longer useful, and they can ignite new possibilities and potential by evoking our sense of passion and mystery.  We will practice the timeless ways of embracing ‘a felt exchange’ with this element, and allow ourselves to have our perspectives re-set, restored and awed – taking us to places where language and words turn back.

Our departure will find us in a very different space than our arrival did.

We will use Sunday morning for an important time of reflection and integration, allowing what transpired to deepen and linger within us.  We will look ahead to what awaits us, including the uncertainty of the future which we all must face these days, and allow ourselves to be carried forth with a renewed sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves.


Something opens our wings;
Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.
Someone fills the cup in front of us;
We taste only sacredness.
– Rumi
(Payments are non-refundable after April 30th.)

how to climb a mountain

Make no mistake. This will be an exercise in staying vertical.
Yes, there will be a view, later, a wide swath of open sky,
but in the meantime: tree and stone. If you’re lucky, a hawk will
coast overhead, scanning the forest floor. If you’re lucky,
a set of wildflowers will keep you cheerful. Mostly, though,
a steady sweat, your heart fluttering indelicately, a solid ache
perforating your calves. This is called work, what you will come to know,
eventually and simply, as movement, as all the evidence you need to make
your way. Forget where you were. That story is no longer true.
Level your gaze to the trail you’re on, and even the dark won’t stop you.

-Maya Stein


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