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The  Stewards Hero’s Journey ® for Men –July 21st -July 27th, 2019

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~ The Way of the Men’s Hero’s Journey ® Stewards ~

Being a steward of The Hero’s Journey® work means becoming an embodied and essential part of the hearth of the Men’s Intensive community.  It is a unique opportunity to deepen and grow into your own soul, as well as give back wholeheartedly to the men who come to the mountain for their own journey.  

Most stewards are required to complete at least two personal Journeys on the Mountain under the guidance and direction of their small group leader.  During these two years, the men have participated in all of the daytime elements and night time ceremonies that make up the bulk of the outer experiences of the Hero’s Journey ®.   

Michael Mervosh and the other staff facilitators supply the vision and the map for the Hero’s Journey ® Men’s Intensive during the week on the Mountain.   The stewards are the heart, the muscle and the backbone of the Journey Intensives.  They prepare each meal, carry all the fire wood, build all the fires, set up all the elements, prepare the lodge,  and dig the sacred ground for the fire ceremony.

The stewards not only build each fire, but they also keep the community spirit fire burning 24/7.  They set up the dome tents, are there to help the participants pitch their tents, oversee the safety of the trust building areas.  The stewards are the first to rise and often the last to sleep.  They arrive on the mountain days before the participants show up, and leave after the participants have departed.  

To be a steward is to take one’s own personal Hero’s Journey ® to the next level.

The knowledge acquired through being a participant about the outer and inner processes is the foundation for each man’s experience of becoming and being a steward of the work.  He knows the lay of the land, so now he works that landscape from a different and fresh perspective.  He is part of a team of an inner circle of men that create a sacred experience for other men, as well as fully participating in his own way for himself.  

To be a Steward is to practice the art of moving in and out of different states on consciousness fluidly and without resistance to what comes next.  The way of the Steward is to say “yes” to life, at every opportunity that presents itself.

The Hero’s Journey ® Stewardship Program has been created and crafted by Peter Faust. He is supported by the Steward’s Leadership Team of Brian Pohland, Patrick Hanrahan, Andy Fisher, and Steve Bell.  The steward’s experience during the Journey Intensive is centered around the reality of a what a heroic man’s life truly is.  No one saves a hero.  He accepts the limits of this fate, yet he is the master of his own destiny.  He is responsible for his own experience.  

The Stewards on the Men’s Journey choose to show up with their own authentic response to what life presents to them.   They have chosen the path of both external and internal work in order to mature as  men and grow as human beings.  They are all in, each day, as the Journey unfolds and reveals itself.

All those participating in the 2019 Men’s Steward’s Journey will be required to read the following essays by Peter Faust: “The Rhythm of Our Days”, “The Councils”, “Solo Time” and “Sacred Ceremony”.   These will be made available upon enrollment.

Once you enroll, you will be guided to the private webpages for the Men’s Steward’s Journey.  You will be encouraged to browse the photo and video libraries,  and listen/read In Our Own Words”, reflections by men who have been stewards in previous years.

To be considered for enrollment, contact Peter Faust at: PeterFaust@herosjourneyfoundation.org

If you’ve already registered, click here.

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The Stewards for The Men’s Journey 1

July 20, 2019 @ 8:00 am - July 28, 2019 @ 8:00 am

| $600.00 - $1200.00


July 20, 2019 @ 8:00 am
July 28, 2019 @ 8:00 am
$600.00 - $1200.00


Hero’s Journey Foundation


Men's Stewarding Journey$1,200.00Payment in Full
Men's Stewarding Journey - Deposit$600.001st of 2 payments
Men's Stewarding Journey - Amount Remaining$600.002nd of 2 payments

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