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The Hero’s Journey® for Women

Based In The Monongahela National Forest near Spruce Knob, WV , USA

August 2nd- 8th, 2020

– Cancelled with an Online Journey Intensive option available –

This summer, we have come up against the struggle of providing the essential safety needed to take the necessary risks of a worthy journey. We’ve had an ongoing and difficult decision-making process about holding the summer journey in West Virginia, as we have done for the past 20 years. It has become increasingly apparent to us that we cannot provide the safety needed to create the conditions for a meaningful and deep weeklong wilderness journey.

We are people from across the globe who long to be a part of something larger than ourselves; we seek out unique opportunities for shared participation in a journey that holds the necessity of risking, embraces mystery, and welcomes enchantment.

Over and over again, we place ourselves on the precipice of transformation, on a developmental edge – spaces that hold the potential for awakening and illumination on one hand, and the inevitability of pain, struggle and the disappointments of being human on the other.

We have repeatedly reviewed all possible options for being onsite as this pandemic has drawn on, and we have concluded that there are too many uncertain variables that lie beyond our control to assure physical well-being in an intimate and communal setting designed for transformational possibilities.

The ability to become ‘capable of the unexpected’ has excited and motivated us, and we are positioning ourselves to now offer an Online Journey Intensive for both the women and the men. We will not try to replace the summer journeys we create on the mountain, but we will build and create the necessary containers and vessels needed for deep, meaningful and life-changing, transformational work – work that can only take place in a solid group experience.

In this way, the group work itself will hold a continuous thread through the week-long journey processes we have conducted now for decades.

More information coming soon about our Online Journey Intensive. To read the full letter from Michael Mervosh, Click Here

Contact Anna Noack for any questions, anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org.

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Silhouette-LeapingJoin other women from across the United States, Canada, South America and Europe on our  seven-day transformational wilderness intensive in West Virginia. We follow the Hero’s Journey ® framework for entering into a timeless and universal process of awakening that happened across countless cultures and ages, as first articulated by Joseph Campbell.

Our summer weeklong intensive is for those who hunger for adventure, and a life lived with deeper meaning and vitality.  Adventures take place that create the opportunities for a significant shift – to move you beyond the track your life is on.  These opportunities are very likely to move your life forward, perhaps even without knowing where you might need to go, or how you would go about it.

We know that our women’s journey will help to take you where you most need to go, and that it will take you somewhere you haven’t gone before. We encourage you to arrive expecting nothing in particular, yet be ready for the surprise and wonder of the unexpected.

Spontaneous and meaningful adventures tend to unfold themselves for those women who are ready and willing to open to what most wants to come forth.  We have learned to precisely craft the particular conditions necessary to bring forth the soulful adventure that is waiting for you.

Women who have the courage of heart to answer the call to take this type of journey are often dramatically awakened to new possibilities for how to live, how to love, and how to make new choices beyond any reality that has become familiar to you.

An Orientation To The Women’s Journey

In 2020, the Women’s Hero’s Journey ® Summer Intensive will provide women with the best of what we have to offer – our intensive wilderness journey. This experience has been designed to deeply engage the particular needs that women face at essential developmental stages throughout our lives.  What we do on during these wilderness experience is actually live the journey myth of the hero.

The archetypal myth of the Hero’s Journey ® is an ageless and timeless immersion into the transformative currents of personal and planetary evolution. It calls us away from the familiar horizons of home and habit, and to venture forth into the unknown territories within us. It calls us to the adventure given to us by living into our one true, authentic and vital life.

Through consistently ‘do-able’ action, we become a living, personified inspiration of whatever potential lies within the consciousness of our human bodies and minds.  Joseph Campbell said that it is not an exaggeration to say that the hero’s myth provides us with a ‘secret opening‘ through which the inexhaustible life force energies of the universe pour down and into human beings, making the eternal world manifest right here in our daily world.

Campbell called this ‘becoming the zeal of eternity for incarnation in time’.  When we are actively living into and coming forth from the hero’s myth,  when we actively take up our own personal challenge and journey through it, we both embody a personal presence while also being aware of and connected a presence larger and beyond what we typically live.  


About Our Unique Base Camp Location

We gather on an open mountaintop located in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, near  Spruce Knob Mountain.  At 4800 feet, it is the highest mountain peak in West Virginia.  Our large gathering and dining spaces consist of round Mongolian style yurts designed by the renowned yurt builder William Coperthwaite.


We sleep in tents under the darkest skies in the Eastern US, giving us a profoundly inspiring night sky to reflect upon each evening. The distinct combination of bucolic mountain meadows, breathtaking vistas and deep wilderness forests provide an awe-inspiring mirror for the inner journey to discover the wild territories of our own human hearts.

Much of our inner work happens within the varied living landscapes of this  dynamic, mountainous ecosystem, which features impressive rock crags, expansive wildflower meadows, secluded and extensive underworld cave systems, and the quiet solitude of verdant spruce forests. Indoor gatherings are held in our large and beautifully handcrafted wooden yurts.

Each of our meals are thoughtfully prepared by our own stewarding groups and accommodate most dietary needs and restrictions. It is our intention that you be nourished and sustained physically, emotionally, psychologically and soulfully.

Due to the rustic and isolated nature setting, cell phone service is not available and external distractions are kept to a bare minimum.

An exceptional team of guides and a large contingent of experienced support staff help to clarify and energize your hero’s journey in a way that will serve your unique passage through this phase of your life and is likewise directed to enliven the whole of life.  Each one of us lives our Hero’s Journey ® – first, for our own healing and wholeness, so that we may offer our most vital and capable self to be of service to the life of this world.

Upon Your Enrollment

You will be directed to detailed preparation section to help you get ready for your Hero’s Journey ® Intensive.  This will include guidance to help you begin your journey while still at home.  You will be asked to respond to self-reflective questions and meditations, and we will suggest some reading to prepare you as well.

We will want a few brief, thoughtfully written reflections on Six Preparation Questions that you will submit to us before your arrival on the mountain, along with necessary paperwork and release forms.

All physical and logistical concerns such as recommended clothing and equipment lists and travel information will also be addressed in the preparation section.

Awake. Aware. Enlivened. Engaged.

Be The Hero Of Your Own Life

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The Women’s Journey

August 2, 2020 - August 8, 2020

| $452.00 - $2260.00

Sunday August 2nd – Saturday August 8th, 2020

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August 2, 2020
August 8, 2020
$452.00 - $2260.00
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