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The Hero’s Journey ® for Young Men

July 19th – July 25th, 2020

Based in the Monongahela National Forest near Spruce Knob, WV

For young men ages 13-15 and 16-18 years.


– Cancelled with an Online Journey option available –

This summer, we have come up against the struggle of providing the essential safety needed to take the necessary risks of a worthy journey. We’ve had an ongoing and difficult decision-making process about holding the summer journey in West Virginia, as we have done for the past 20 years. It has become increasingly apparent to us that we cannot provide the safety needed to create the conditions for a meaningful and deep weeklong wilderness journey.

We draw young people from across the US, and even the globe, who long to be a part of something larger than ourselves; we seek out unique opportunities for shared participation in a journey that holds the necessity of risking, embraces mystery, and welcomes enchantment.

Over and over again, we place ourselves on the precipice of transformation, on a developmental edge – spaces that hold the potential for awakening and illumination on one hand, and the inevitability of pain, struggle and the disappointments of being human on the other.

We have repeatedly reviewed all possible options for being onsite as this pandemic has drawn on, and we have concluded that there are too many uncertain variables that lie beyond our control to assure physical well-being in an intimate and communal setting designed for transformational possibilities.

We recommend an online program being offered by one of our friends and colleagues, Chris Balme. It’s called ‘Argonaut.’ CLICK HERE to check out the ‘Argonaut’ program for middle school aged children (business website called, Growing Wiser).


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What is a Young Men’s Journey Intensive?

The Hero’s Journey ® for young men ages 13-18 is a specially designed process through which each participant enters an ageless and timeless initiation into the transformative currents of personal maturing as well as planetary evolution.

It calls you to leave behind the familiar horizons of home and peer group interactions and venture forth on a journey into a vital truth about yourself that awaits you in the unknown. You will be asked to enter fully into the adventure of discovering more about the one true life that is waiting for your full attention and effort.

We follow the mythic map of the Hero’s Journey ® that has guided the youth within every culture and tradition since the beginning of time.  It profoundly  supports young men who seek a meaningful future life, one that will enliven their existence with meaning and the possibility of fulfillment,  and help them find their true place in the world.

The Sky at Base Camp


There is a place inside a young man’s mind and body

      That needs to be recognized and affirmed by those he looks up to.

              He needs to be seen, respected and supported by his mentors and his peers.

              He needs to be encouraged and smiled upon by older, vital and attentive men.

Young men inevitably feel the messages they get from the people and culture around them about what a man is supposed to look like, how a man is expected to behave, and what a man is supposed to become.  What kind of inspiration does that provide?  What kind of pressure does that create?  Does that fit their own sense of who they are and their own vision of what they are meant to be?

An Orientation To The Young Men’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey ® Myth spans across all cultures and time….


Some questions we ask of the young men who have aspirations for a worthwhile and meaningful future, one that is worth the work and effort it takes to produce:

*  If you were asked to design a vision for the way the world might be, and a role where you could making a contribution to the world – what might that be?

*  Does the life you are living now give you hope for your future and the future of the world?

*  Can you open yourself to  be supported in crafting a life that you feel is worth living – one that draws on your strengths and interests – one that develops the necessary self-esteem, confidence and ability to relate well with others of differing opinion?

Are you ready for the supports and challenges of an exciting and intensive wilderness adventure, one that creates an unique opportunity for you to begin the work of becoming the hero of your own life?

Join with other young men from various walks of life who are also seeking a life-altering adventure.

Support one another through a significant challenges and opportunities as you share in the Hero’s Journey ® elements.


We strongly believe that every individual is unique and is destined to learn how to live their unique life expression in the world.

Your journey into the individuality of your own unique nature will be done in a way that will integrate you with (rather than separate you from) other people in your life.

Much of your time on the Hero’s Journey ® Intensive will be spent with your fellow peers.  You will also at certain times journey alongside men of all ages, some of whom will be old enough to be your grandfather!   You will learn to see that the journey into the fullness of manhood is lifelong.  But you will also see that there is stages of the journey that is awaiting you, and you can reach confidently towards it.

Night fire with community 640 x 440

You will offer the courage and vision of your own journey experiences to others who will be on the mountain with you.  You will also receive courage, strength and wisdom from your peers as well as older men, who care that you find your true way with your own true life.


 Click here to e-mail us with your specific questions.

For more information on payment options, please click here.

If you are enrolling from outside the United States… Our preferred method of payment is by bank transfer.  Please email our office staff, Anna Noack at anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org to obtain the necessary wire transfer information.

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The Young Men’s Journey

July 19, 2020 - July 25, 2020

| $411 - $2055.00

Sunday July 19th -Saturday July 25th, 2020


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July 19, 2020
July 25, 2020
$411 - $2055.00
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