January 17th – 21st, 2019

Lifebridge Sanctuary

Rosendale, NY

$995.00 – $1295.00

Among strong men in the tavern,

I can speak a truth no one will laugh at:

My heart is like a wild alley cat in heat.

In every possible way I conspire to know freedom and Love.

Forget about the common reason, for it only enslaves.

There is something holy deep inside you

That is so ardent and awake,

That needs to lie down naked next to God. 

– Hafiz


Creating Space For Restoration, Reconnection & Renewal


Our Soul Tavern Retreat for Ordinary Heroes provides us with a space to renew intentions that bring us more fully alive, and re-activate our capacity to make ourselves useful in our world.  We do this by coming towards our aliveness in joyful and satisfying ways, while being a kindred part of a rich  community presence and spirit.

In this type of tavern, we work and play to tap the soul inspiring ‘Presence’ that wants to shine through our personhood.  No matter how accomplished we feel our lives to be, or how much we may feel a chronic sense of failure thus far… we all need times of renewal that set the stage for the next phase of development that vitalizes our personal and worldly involvements.

Our days will call us together in body energy practices, meditations, nature immersions, stories and teachings on the dynamics of full living, and community councils that invite our soul to envision and our personality release whatever doubts and resistances it needs to leave behind.


Our evenings draw us together around the ceremonial arts that highlight the power of music, song, story-telling and poetry to rekindle the soul’s fire.

All the while, we expect to be wrapped in the crystalline simplicity and renewing silence of the purifying winter landscape of our Lifebridge Sanctuary retreat grounds.

We will bring all we carry on our hearts to the table

So that we can embrace the ‘as-yet-unknown’

waiting to reveal itself to each of us.

We will co-create this happening as a memorable

beginning to a renewing focus on the year to come.


Retreat Begins Promptly at 6:00pm on Thursday, January 17th.

Retreat Ends at Noon on Sunday, January 21st.

Also Payable by Check Made To:

Hero’s Journey Foundation

5655 Bryant Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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