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Turning Towards One Another
Part 1

“Ethics is how we behave when we decide to belong together.”
Margaret “Meg” Wheatley
Dear Journeyer,

As we enter the 8th month of the pandemic (and for some countries the 10th month), our human spirit has taken a big toll. And recognizing too that there are many stressors internally and worldwide, in addition to the pandemic.

Under the weight of grief, despair, and fear of the future, how can we turn towards our inner wholeness, our collective basic goodness, and ultimately turn towards one another?
I’ve been watching the recording of the 
“Essential Conversation”
 we hosted with 
Meg Wheatley
 back in April of this year, back when many of us had hoped that the pandemic would be managed by the end of the summer. Meg’s words are still relevant today and possibly even more so now. (I have paraphrased and quoted her here, as well as included some of my own notes.)

 Meg speaks to, “how the human spirit has been under attack. She says that “we are, at the profoundest level, a congregating species convivial by nature. Exile is the most awful punishment in many cultures. Many people around the world are still in [or again in] isolation. This could be the greatest threat to the human spirit.”

Meg goes on to talk about how the human spirit cannot be vanquished or extinguished. She has seen this in others living through famines, wars, etc. We also see how half the world is now starving because of the pandemic. She says, “There is no return to any type of normalcy.” We are in an “economic collapse and the beginning of a psychological and spiritual collapse.” And she goes on to explain how this is true except for those of us who know we are on a Journey.

Those of us who know we are on a Journey, also know we are part of a wider myth going through the Ordeal phase together as a collective.

Using the tools we know how, “we cannot let ourselves be pulled down or be taken down by our own grief or fear of the future.”

We need to ask ourselves, “What is calling you [me] to this Journey? And what will give us [me] strength to persevere through this ordeal?”

 Stay tuned for “Turning Towards One Another: Part 2”. Coming in November…

When 2020 began, we didn’t know what was in store. 2020 brought clear sight and clear vision, for sure. True sight cannot exist without including what lies in the shadows. We have seen over and over again this year in the world around us, and within our individual selves, a true vision of many aspects that have up until now remained in shadow:  violence, consumerism, racism, the destruction of our planet and much more. Many of us wanted to see hope, many of us wanted to see a better and brighter future, but Meg says,

“The real work now is how we Awaken our own inner Light, so that we can be of Service, be a calm presence for other people.”

Thank you for staying awake, aware, enlivened, and engaged in the ways that you have cultivated for yourself. We invite you to stay connected with us on this journey together, as we all navigate the Unknown and the next steps in Crossing the divide into wholeness and Turning towards one another.

With you on the journey,

Janet Wepner

Janet Wepner, HJF Facilitator and Online Support Staff