Hero’s Journey ® Online Courses

Awakening The Hero:

Taking Our Place In An Uncertain World

An Eight Session Web Course Beginning in October 2017


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Awakening The Hero, Fall 2017 is ENROLLING Soon. 

The interactive online web courses that we offer are an invitation to more consciously experience directly living into the myth of the Hero’s Journey® , in your life right now, right where you presently are. Our online journeys are an offering to bring the hero myth alive in you, right where you are.

Our online offerings are for those individuals who sense that there is more to life than what is being currently lived.  It is for those who have a desire to embrace a more interesting and activating role in shaping their own lives, and their sense of being alive in the world, rather than just being a passive figure in the landscape of their current lives.

This web course is for people hungry for substantive, meaningful encounters in life, while also entering the lightness of a playful spirit – as this is what living a worthwhile adventure can do, while also embracing the essential goodness of an ordinary life.

This web course will connect you with online journey companions whom you will get to know; people who have their own ‘call of the soul’ speaking to them through images, impulses, and language beyond the common conversations that confine us. Throughout the course broadcasts, you will find allies that inspire you to embrace more of your own humanity, while also getting glimpses into the beauty and majesty of the eternal world that is also within you.



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