by Kristine Jones

I am earth ­ the abode of nature ­ I give sustenance to the tree of life, permitting the roots to grow deep into my body. I hold the powers of heaven on my skin

I am air ­ the vastness of sky ­ I hold space in my pours – clouds flow through my heart – I help the sun shine with majesty, the moon to shimmer with luminosity

I am fire ­ the flash of radiance – I am love burning – igniting the world with the flames of the Beloved, the tongues of wild, blazing, exquisite light

I am water ­ the infinite spring, a fountain ­ I am the river of continuity ­ I pour forth glittering life – I flow and fill the body of humanity

I am aether ­ the spirit of all life – the consciousness of heaven ­ where all promise for love, for grace, for magnificence resides. I am past, I am present. I am all potential.