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Our 2020 Online Summer Journey Intensives

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned,

So as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

“The thing we tell of can never be found by seeking,

yet only seekers find it.”

Bayazid Bistami

Very few people initially get excited about the idea of spending a week of their lives online.

At the same time, many people have been continually surprised by the depths that can be reached online, and the intimacy that can be felt and shared online, especially when done in community and group formats.

When we weave in the vitalizing aspects of the Hero’s Journey® myth, it adds to the sense of immediacy and wonder that can emerge in groups who are willing and able to enter the territory of shared vulnerability and shared resources.

The reason that a Journeying experience can work to create a change, whether it be in a wilderness setting or in an online setting, is that it creates the necessary cauldrons (or containers), along with the right conditions (such as a focused attention on one’s lived experience), to invite the unexpected into the immediacy of the ‘here and now’ arriving moment – which is then actively witnessed by the group as a whole.

This is a process that can actually work quite well in an online format, whenever there are people gathered together in an intentional manner – people who are hungry for real change in their lives, who can experience going somewhere with others in a way that they haven’t before.

An online journey can hold real potential for creating a dynamic shift in a person’s life, especially if that person is willing to open themselves to something new; can learn to be supported in whatever struggle they are now living with; and can tolerate being challenged to think and act in new ways and towards new possibilities in their lives, that have somehow not occurred before.

We center our upcoming Online Journey Intensive around two central questions:



“For your journey to be a meaningful one, you’ll have to understand the difference

Between doing something for yourself and doing something by yourself.”


ALLY GROUPS – Twice Daily

For our Online Journey Intensives, the primary element and vehicle for initiating new abilities to live and to love will come from what emerges for each individual as they enter the journey stages of SEPARATION – INITIATION – RETURN, time and time again, through the weeklong lifespan of an Ally Group of 8 to 10 members.

Group members create together shared experiences of the struggles and the rewards of being human.  They practice accompanying one another, through what they are living together, and group members do their best to refrain from ‘trying to help or fix’ or give advice.  The felt sense of ‘being there’ with another in their moment of need or opening is what matters most.



This is supplemented by daily immersions in a larger community group of seekers, who share the common ground of wanting to experience a fundamental shift in their orientation to life, and are willing to become active witnesses to others who share the same pursuit.

Council spaces are a particular meeting ground that co-creates a communal field of presence between the one who is speaking and the ones who are attentively listening.  It is a practice of speaking only from what one has actually lived through, or is currently living through, and nothing else.  This is witnessed by those who have either lived through this themselves, or those yet to live through it.

In councils such as these, the space between words, and between speakers, is just as important as the words themselves.


NATURE SETTINGS – Interspersed through the week

It is essential that each person get offline for a period of time every day, and immerse themselves in the larger, more-than-human world of nature – balancing their screen time experience with participation in a wordless, living universe – being surrounded by something vast, something larger and beyond just one’s self.

The nature setting allows for both time alone with one’s self, time that supports integration and reflection, and yet also has a physically felt sense of being a part of something alive and wordless that offers birdsong, the feel of the wind and the temperature, and open space.


 ‘Crossing thresholds’ is a significant part of the Journeying process.  One has a felt sense of having moved from the familiar ground of daily life that is rutted in ‘sameness’ – and crosses over into territory that feels distinctly new, unfamiliar and unknown.

This is essential to a useful and meaningful journey – taking leave of the familiar.  You will NOT be able to genuinely enter unknown territory if you daily circumstances and routines are not also significantly altered.

You’ll need to proactively and intentionally change either your daily routines or your location so that you are not distracted or diluted from giving a wholehearted focus to what is happening beyond all that is usual for you.

This includes getting adequate support in the form of child care plans, do not plan to socialize with others (online or otherwise), do ANY form of working, and staying somewhere other than at home if at all possible.

We must stress the importance of having each participant do the best they can to limit distractions that will take them out of the Journeying experience, and ensure they are able to have a stable internet connection during our group time: 


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