I felt like this online course gave me the platform to be my "best" self, and to see my limitations with a new level of compassion. I inhaled copious amounts of courage and support from the live broadcasts hosted by Michael, and from my allies, which for moments replaced crippling self-doubt. How could I be anything but grateful for the whole messy, grand process?

- age 61 - Beth, Florida, USA -

The men's hero's journey was the surprise of my life as I crossed from “my” world to the beauty and the wonder of the mountain. To this day the sights, sounds and smells of the mountain trigger the memory of a sacred call to embrace, connect and be fully alive on whatever “mountain” I find myself.

- age 67 - Dan, Pennsylvania, USA -

I've taken home a strong feeling of belonging to a great circle of men, with many new friends. I have an intense feeling of relatedness to everyone in my life, and can now see where in life I stop myself. I went there feeling old and came back much younger.

- age 65 - Jon, New York, USA -

The women's heros journey delivered me a deeper understanding of the journey from my head to my heart. I saw how I created, and, allowed fear to paralyze me in my life, and I also saw my light reflected back to me in the women I journeyed with. Each day and each experience gave me a gift to work with. I will be back!

- age 48 - Heather, Ontario, Canada -

My hero's journey experience has opened me to a new reality and chances for myself that I could not have ever guessed about. These types of experiences cannot so easily be explained, but let your self come and be surprised by spirituality, companionship and elements in nature.

- age 52 - Felipe, Salamanca, Spain -

The Hero's Journey experience gave me the opportunity to take up some challenges in a vitally different way. The community support touches deep into my heart.

- age 60 - Joyce, Kentucky, USA -

Beginning the young women's journey, the thing I struggled with the most was staying present. Now I find myself staying present without even trying. Instead of focusing on the small things, I remember what is most important: health, friends, family and opportunities.

- age 16 - Kailey, Pennsylvania, USA -

I found within me a sense of self and belonging at the young men's journey. Those that guided me taught me more about myself than I thought possible. Never have I had an experience that completely changed my life.

- age 18 - Zach, Indiana, USA -

The women's hero's journey gave me the space and support for owning my life journey and treated me with all the love, respect and challenge we all deserve and, deep inside, long for. HJF is the most experiential and powerful process I've experienced.

- age 31 - Mechi, Schiedam, Netherlands -

The men's hero's journey opened up a new world of understanding about what it means for me to be fully alive. The depth of insight, connection with men, and appreciation for our shared experience is unlike anything I could describe. It’s something every man should experience.

- age 44 - Ted, Connecticut, USA -

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