I felt like this online course gave me the platform to be my "best" self, and to see my limitations with a new level of compassion. I inhaled copious amounts of courage and support from the live broadcasts hosted by Michael, and from my allies, which for moments replaced crippling self-doubt. How could I be anything but grateful for the whole messy, grand process?

- age 61 - Beth, Florida, USA -

The Women's HJ gave me the space and support for owning my life journey and treated me with all the love, respect and challenge we all deserve and, deep inside, long for. I was gently challenged to leave my comfort zone following my inner call and to go for that "more" I knew existed inside myself for so long.

- age 31 - Mechi, Netherlands -

My men's hero's journey experience has opened me to a new reality and chances for myself that I could not have ever guessed about. These types of experiences cannot so easily be explained, but let your self come and be surprised by spirituality, companionship and elements in nature.

- age 52 - Felipe, Salamanca, Spain -

In my opinion, my Young Hero's journey experience was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had in my life. I have now a new perspective of my self that will lead me to grow as a person and live my life differently and better. Thank-you to all the HJ Staff for this great experience. I will be coming back soon for more magic.

- age 17 - Agustin, Buenos Aires, Argentina -

The young women's hero's journey is an experience that you can't get anywhere else. It is such an amazing experience that I want to come back year after year. Not only has it completely changed my life, it has introduced me to a community that cares for each other like sisters would. I recommend this journey to anyone of any age, circumstance or position. There is something for everyone to gain from it.

- age 16 - Anastasia, Pennsylvania, USA -

I am just starting to comprehend what has happened and how to keep my spirit soaring. I just began my journey. So much more to come. See you soon!

- age 74 - Pat, Oregon, USA -

Everyone deserves to go on a little adventure for themselves, venturing into the unknown is the most exciting thing you can do. My journey included probably the most transformational week of my life, that helped me rekindle a deep emotional connection with my wife, and reminded me to stay in the here and now with my children. The Hero's Journey came into my life at the perfect time, and I look forward to visiting next year with my brother.

- age 37 - Alex, Singapore -

The women's heros journey delivered me a deeper understanding of the journey from my head to my heart. I saw how I created, and, allowed fear to paralyze me in my life, and I also saw my light reflected back to me in the women I journeyed with. Each day and each experience gave me a gift to work with. I will be back!

- age 48 - Heather, Ontario, Canada -

I've taken home a strong feeling of belonging to a great circle of men, with many new friends. I have an intense feeling of relatedness to everyone in my life, and can now see where in life I stop myself. I went there feeling old and came back much younger.

- age 65 - Jon, New York, USA -

I feel like my participation in this web course is speeding up the process of becoming (or maybe uncovering) the person I've always wanted to be. I am just a little bit kinder, more present, and more able to be actively with the "other" as a direct result of being with this marvelous group and the material. This course will change you if you let it in ways that are subtle and profound.

- anonymous - Awakening the Hero online participant -

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