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Welcome to the Men’s Hero’s Journey ® Stewarding Community

Being a steward of The Hero’s Journey® work means becoming an embodied and essential part of the hearth of the Men’s Intensive community. It is a unique opportunity to deepen and grow into your own soul, as well as give back wholeheartedly to the men who come to the mountain for their own journey.

To be a steward is to take one’s own personal Hero’s Journey® to the next level.

The knowledge acquired through being a participant about the outer and inner processes is the foundation for each man’s experience of becoming and being a steward of the work. He knows the lay of the land, so now he works that landscape from a different and fresh perspective. He is part of a team of an inner circle of men that create a sacred experience for other men, as well as fully participating in his own way for himself.

To be a Steward is to practice the art of moving in and out of different states on consciousness fluidly and without resistance to what comes next. The way of the Steward is to say “yes” to life, at every opportunity that presents itself.

Through these private pages, you’ll have access to the preparation material which will help you begin your journey to stewarding this year.

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