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~ The Way of the Men’s Hero’s Journey Steward ~

The Stewards are the heart, the muscle and the backbone of the Men’s Journey Intensive. 

The three boxes above each contain the writing reflecting The Aspects of Stewarding.

To begin preparations for our time together on the mountain, I suggest printing this information out, and reading it when you have the time to adequately reflect on how we work together this year.

The Stewards prepare each meal, carry all the fire wood, haul, choose and bury the granite stones for the sweat lodges and dig the sacred ground for the fire walk.  The stewards build each fire and keep the spirit fire burning 24/7.  We  set up the dome tents, are there to help the participants pitch their tents, oversee the safety of the trust fall areas and chase the snakes out of the sand box.

The Stewards set up and hold a sacred space for the evening ceremonies that include the Fire Walk and Sweat Lodge ceremony, the Aggression Council and the Tenderness Council. During the day, we may also be providing assistance for the facilitators at the Trust Falls, the Leap of Faith, the Cave and the Via Ferrata.  Prior to all of those experiences,  we set up for the welcome and threshold crossings, and at the end, we prepare the space for the goodbye feast, the Departure Council, the final Threshold Crossing, all of which are created or supported by the stewards of the Hero’s Journey Intensive.

The stewards are the first to rise and often the last to sleep. We arrive on the mountain two days ahead of the participants, and we leave the day after the participants depart.

To be a steward is to take one’s own personal Hero’s Journey to the next level.
The knowledge acquired through being a participant about the outer and inner processes is the foundation for a man’s experience of being a steward.  He knows the lay of the land at our base camp.  Now he works that landscape from a different and broader perspective.

He is part of an integral team of men with heart, who create a sacred experience for the other men as well as fully participating in his own way, for himself.

To be a Steward is to practice the art of moving in and out of different states on consciousness fluidly and without resistance to what comes next.

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