1)  The Rhythm of a Steward’s Day on the Mountain:

These are the cycles of time and the rhythm of our days as stewards.

Our days on the mountain in the Hero’s Journey Stewardship Program are divided into four parts. Each of these “times” within the day has it’s own unique experience and purpose. Externally what we do is more obvious.

However, each of these phases of time has a much deeper reason for us individually and collectively as a group. Our days build upon one another, culminating in the shared collective transformational themes that we all have experienced on the mountain.  This is what also brings us back to the mountain, to deepen and renew.  This inner transformation happens because of both the “outer” and “inner” work that we perform.

The four parts of our day consist of:

Physical Work:  primarily in the morning hours

Council Work:  our emotional work, primarily before lunch

Nature Work:  solo time – being with ourselves, between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm each day

Spiritual Work:  the evening councils, the fire walk or the sweat lodge

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The Physical Work: Primarily done in the morning hours when we divide into outside and inside groups: The Kitchen and The Fires

This is where who we are off the mountain carries no meaning. During this physical time, we let go of our self-importance in order to carry wood, chop onions, wash pots and dig sod.  It is by humbling ourselves to do menial work that we begin the humbling process we all so desperately need to explore and expose our emotional underbellies.  This physical time also allows us to rub up against each other’s egos, which have built up over the last year or the last 50 years.

Allies are established, judgments are made and undone, and perceptions are created and projections are owned.  Gradually,  bonds of trust begin to appear as we work along side each other.  Over the course of the day and the week it is the physical and emotional tension we carry inside ourselves and within the group that we bring to our councils later in the morning.


The Council Work:  Here is where we get to explore ourselves and our group in a safe and responsible manner. They are held in the late mornings or early afternoons.

Our councils serve two fundamental purposes:

First, to allow a space to open up freely about where we are at on our personal hero’s journey in life and within the week.

Secondly, our councils serve to clear out any resistance that exists or imagined preventing us from going deeper with each other on our stewards journey.

Our days begin together in the physical, flow into the emotional, and then through our solo time we travel even deeper into the emotional and spiritual realms of ourselves.


Nature Work:  Solo time (daily): AKA- down time. Roughly between the hours of [2:00] and 5:00 pm. All of us need time for ourselves, with ourselves.  This is explored through a walk in the woods, by sitting under a tree, or simply resting in our tents.  It is during these times that the insights we seek often speak to us.  By this time of the day, most of our physical work has been completed, our council work has ended, and we are free to explore and become more connected to our personal landscape.

Remember – “Nature Heals” – it is important to get away from the base camp and let “The Mountain” become our teacher and friend. This is the time to go to our personal “sacred spot” where we can commune with ourselves and our spirit allies. This is also a time if desired to seek council from one or two other stewards, to take our inner exploration deeper with men of like mind and spirit. This is not a time of superficial conversation but a time to prepare for the spiritual work, which will come later in our day after dinner.


Spiritual Work: Sweat Lodge, Fire Walk, Large Councils. Evening, the time of darkness and inner journey before the great sleep.

As stewards our work is not merely to prepare the physical lodge or gather wood and stones but to create the sacred space and hold the intention for something greater than all of us to enter into our ceremonies and councils. This is the culmination of our day. These are the sacred ceremonies that initiate and transport us past the physical and emotional realms into communion with spirit. It is important to come to the evenings with an open heart and willingness to surrender. To participate fully from a place of knowledge and wisdom gained from previous years experience.

By following the path of time – physical, emotional, Solitude (soul) time, we are then better prepared to enter spiritual space.

By understanding the rhythm of the day, we can better understand the journey of the week.



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