~ The Way of the Women’s Stewards ~

The Stewarding experience of the Women’s Hero’s Journey ® Intensive each summer is a rich and deep personal Journey, available to any woman who has completed at least two Journey Intensives and who also  feels a strong call to be of service to others seeking transformation and rebirth.

We gather together as women to form a community for our own personal journey, while holding the hearts and the hearths for the larger community of journey participants.  The women’s stewarding journey reflects a strong commitment to personal deepening while moving forward together.  We live our own journeys together in such a way that our real and living community creates ground for other participants to have a deep and profound experience.


The women stewards tend to all of the inside and outside community fires.  We prepare all the meals for the community, as well as prepare for the logistical operation of each daytime element and nighttime ceremony.   We provide the spirit of good will, the communal hearth, and shared love of mystery and myth.   We bring forth the music, we pour out compassion, and we use our bodies to dance, to embrace and to move through the forests.


Those interested in applying for the Women’s Steward’s Journey can contact Anna Noack at anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org.


Click here to REGISTER online for the Women’s Steward’s Journey, 2019


Checks may be sent to the Nuin Center, care of the ‘Women’s Steward Journey’,

5655 Bryant St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

For further payment details, contact Anna at anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org


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