The call to a worthy adventure indicates that a deeper sense of destiny begins to summon a young man – he longs for more for his life, and his future.  He begins to transfer his inner compass heading away from the what is most familiar, to a zone that is as-yet-unknown to him.  

It is a call to an inner territory worth exploring within himself, a region of both risk and reward.  On our wilderness journeys, this will be represented in a distant land in West Virginia – a vast spruce forest, a kingdom underground, a lofty mountaintop, and a majestic cliff.

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Expect Nothing, Be Ready For Anything

It a challenging task to provide a participant with an adequate sense of what to expect during our Hero’s Journey ® Intensive for Young Men.   In many ways, the proper way to prepare for a weeklong journey in a wilderness setting is to suspend one’s set of exceptions, and open up to what comes that is beyond what is to be expected.  This is the whole point of a meaningful (and potentially transformative) adventure.

When we believe that we know what will transpire before it actually takes place, it robs us of the opportunity to be awestruck and wonder-filled, as well as respectful of what can come to pass beyond what we are looking for.   Therefore, we encourage all of our participants to let go of what is most familiar for a few days – to truly leave home – in order to see what new ground can be revealed, explored and lived.

That said, here are some basic expectations to have for our weeklong journey intensive for young men in the mountains of West Virginia:

Photos From Base Camp – Spruce Knob Mountain Center, West Virginia

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Yurt - We Live the Journey

YMJ Building the Lodge

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Are You Ready To Take Your Journey?

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