What to expect on your weeklong wilderness journey… 

We spend a lot of time outdoors.  We explore together interior spaces while being in exquisite nature settings. We have adventures in spruce forests, lofty mountain ranges, underworld caves and wide-open meadows in one of the most scenic and wild areas of the Appalachian Mountains.

High Plains Morning with Dome 1366 x 597

We also spend time sitting in council circles with one another…we take the opportunity to practice deep listening as well as speaking from the heart.

We discover what it means to be in relationship with each of the four elements of the natural world: earth, water, fire and air.  We do this by building and light fires for our experiences, by visiting mountain streams, climbing on rock formations, and going under the earth in natural cave formations.

During our evenings, we will share in “council circles,” supported by beautiful evening fires, which reflect back to you the fire within your own heart.

Burning Firewalk Fire Daylight 1366 x 597

We sleep close to the earth by staying in tents, with bathrooms and showers available nearby.

Three delicious, gourmet-style meals will be prepared daily for you by our own staff to nourish your body, as you learn to nourish your soul.

Yurt - We Live the Journey

This year, the Hero’s Journey ® for Young Women is facilitated by Cindy Petrakis-Mason and Nancy Lishack, in collaboration with the collective Hero’s Journey ® Facilitation and Stewarding Staff.

(Note: Janet Wepner will not be on staff this year, as she is expecting her 2nd child in late July 2016.)

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