To download a printable copy of the Clothing and Equipment Checklist, please click here.


Make sure that you bring the following clothing and equipment. Dress casually and comfortably for the week. Weather conditions and temperatures can vary significantly on the mountain, as our base camp elevation is at 4,000 feet. Check for weather condition predictions at any internet weather forecast site for the 26804 zip code area. Bring good quality raingear.

__ Sleeping bag

__ Sleeping pad

__ Tent * (see note below)

__ Waterproof Rain Gear (both jacket and pants)

__ Sit-upon or Folding Camp Chair

__ Hiking Boots (waterproofed)

__ Sneakers

__ Spare Socks

__ Clothing for all four seasons – the weather can be warm during the day and cool in the evening.

__ Jacket

__ One change of clothing that can get very dirty or muddy.

__ Two Towels

__ Swim Suit

__ Bandana

__ Toiletries

__ Pocket Knife

__ Water Bottle

__ Day Pack

__ Lunch Container

__ Sun Protection: Lotion and/or Sun Hat

__ Journal (important)

__ Pens

__ Flashlights (flashlight that emits red light is preferred) Please bring more than one flashlight if possible!

__ Extra Batteries

__ Giveaway Gift (wrapped)

__ Small supply of non-perishable snacks for personal use. Nuts must stay in your personal vehicle, as the facilities are nut-free for allergy reasons.



__ Hot Drink Travel Mug

__ Drum or Rhythm Instrument


* If you are new to using a tent, it is not enough to simply buy a new tent, or borrow a tent. Make sure that you buy “seam sealer”, and apply it to all the stitched seams in the tent, especially the ones along the floor. Water works it’s way through the seams and will find a way into your tent if the seams are not sealed. Also, make sure you have a thick plastic tarp to place underneath your tent, cut to the outline of your tent’s floor surface.  If you have any questions about outdoor gear contact Anna Noack at

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