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This is the private preparation section of our website.  It is for the exclusive preparation for all the women participating in our Hero’s Journey ® Intensive in West Virginia in August of 2020.   On these pages, you’ll find all the information you need to prepare for your summer journey.

Keep in mind that the preparation process itself is an important part of your Hero’s Journey ® Intensive.

Please allow yourself time to whole-heartedly give your attention to each of the sections of the preparation process.

NOTE: The three Menu Tabs above highlight the the three stages of preparation for your summer journey.  You will navigate through each section by clicking on the each image above.

If you have any questions specific to your own journey preparation, please contact me – Anna Noack at anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org.

I am looking forward to seeing you on the Spruce Knob mountain in August!

Anna Noack, Women’s Journey Coordinator, Hero’s Journey ® Foundation


Journey Arrival Time:  Between 11:00am and 12 Noon, Sunday, August 4th.  

Journey Departure Time:   1:00pm, Saturday, August 10th.

Please be aware that these must be exact times for arrival and departure, so plan accordingly!


~ Section One ~

Women’s Intake & Release Forms and Making Final Payments

The first stage of your preparation requires you to take care of all outstanding logistical and procedure matters – first things first!  Go to the first box on the left above, titled Intake Forms & Final Payment.   Click into this box.  You will see all the required forms that need to be completed in order to take the summer journey.  We need know this essential contact information, your tenting arrangements, any dietary or physical restrictions, etc, in order for us to be prepared to serve you best.

PLEASE NOTE – All of the above forms must be completed no later than July 15th. We strongly encourage you to complete these forms as soon as you can make the time to do so.

Women’s Journey Preparation Documents

After completing the intake and release forms, you next need to turn your attention to the preparation process for your upcoming journey.  You will find in this section all the documents you need to do your inner preparation as well as logistical preparation.  Do not wait long to begin this process.   Your responses will begin to awaken your inner life to your upcoming journey.

~ Section Two ~

Community Sharing and Travel Information

In this section, you will find practical information for your Journey:  travel suggestions, maps, and a line to our private Facebook page, whereby you can communicate with other women’s journey participants regarding ride sharing, travel planning and other types of logistical information sharing.

~ Section Three ~

Final Preparation Information

This section contains the essential matters you most need to be aware of as the time draws nearer to your journey.  You will find a final checklist here to help you make sure you don’t forget anything vital for your journey.

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