On this page you will find all the information necessary to prepare you for your Young Women’s Journey Summer Intensive.


Journey Arrival Time:  Between 11:00am and 12 Noon, Sunday, August 6th.
Journey Departure Time:   1:00pm, Saturday, August 12th.
Please be aware that these must be exact times for arrival and departure, so plan accordingly!



*Please complete all forms as soon as you can. They are required to be in by July 10th for your daughter to be able to participate in this summer journey. Some of the forms below must be completed by a parent or guardian, and some must be completed by the enrolled participant as well.


Intake Forms and other Important Preparations

The materials in this section will help you prepare for the upcoming summer journey.  It helps us get to know you better, which helps us to prepare for you.  We want to get to know you better so that your journey can be crafted more towards what you need and what would serve you best.  Letting us know things about you is good practice for how you might share yourself with your fellow journeyers when you are on the mountain with us.

1. Fill out the Intake Form and page 4 of the Nelson Rocks Registration Packet  and return it and all attachments to cpetrakismason@gmail.com. All forms must be received by July 10th for participation. Please also include a photo of yourself and a copy of your Health Insurance Card.

The Intake Form includes important details such as Medical Information, a Young Hero’s Commitment Contract, Informed Consent and Release, and a Release for Media taken on the journey. The Media Release is optional, and we will not publish any images of you without your signature and parent’s signature on the form.  We very much appreciate being able to use the material to help share this opportunity with others, but fully understand if you wish us not to.


2. Let us know your travel plans. Do you need help organizing a ride-share? If you are under 18, who will accompany you? How will you arrive and depart the mountain?

Click here for an informative document on Travel Recommendations.

Click here for a map and driving directions to

The Spruce Knob Mountain Center/Experiential Learning – 18 Woodlands Way, Circleville, WV 26804


3. Will you need to rent a tent (and camp gear)? Click here to purchase your tent rental. We also have limited dorm bunk-bed space for those in need for medical reasons. Click here for dorm information.


If you have any questions as you navigate the registration process, please contact Cindy Mason. She will be happy to assist you! cpetrakismason@gmail.com


* PLEASE NOTEAll of the above must be completed no later than July 10th.  We strongly encourage you to complete these forms as soon as you can make the time.

You can also mail your forms directly to

Cindy Mason,  151 West Hutchinson Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218





As your Summer Journey Intensive approaches:

Once you have completed the above forms and are ready to take the next step in preparation.

1. Read the document Preparing For Your Journey

2. Click here to answer the Four Questions on page 2 of Preparing For Your Journey if you haven’t done so already.

3. The Equipment Checklist below includes a packing list and some information on what sort of things you will need to prepare for in regard to weather.

YWHJ Summer Intensive Equipment Checklist

4. Please read carefully the following information regarding a very important giveaway ritual that you will participate in, near the completion of your journey.

Further Reflections on Your Giveaway


Final Preparations:

As you enter the final approach to your Journey, please take the time to look over this Final Preparation Checklist and make sure that everything on it has been addressed.

Young Hero’s Final Preparation Checklist


Remember, we are here to help. If at any point in the preparation process you have questions or concerns, please email  Cindy Mason, at cpetrakismason@gmail.com, and she will help you.

Please allow yourself time to whole-heartedly give your attention to each of the sections of the preparation process.

We look forward to seeing you on the Spruce Knob mountain in August!

With heart in the Journey,

 Cindy Petrakis-Mason, Janet Wepner and Nancy Lishack    ~Young Women’s Journey Co-Directors and Facilitators


Cindy Mason      cpetrakismason@gmail.com
Nancy Lishack    nlish@zbzoom.net
Janet Wepner      janetwepner@herosjourneyfoundation.org


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