Home Base

Our Home Base for Programs is Spruce Knob, WV, USA

Hero’s Journey® Programs happen in the beautiful mountains of Spruce Knob, WV.  Our base is located at the facilities of Spruce Knob Mountain Center (SKMC), home of our partners at the “Experience Learning” organization.

GPS Address:  18 Woodlands Way, Circleville, WV, USA

About Our Unique Base Camp Location

We gather on an open mountaintop located in the heart of the Monongahela National Forest, near Spruce Knob Mountain.  At 4800 feet, it is the highest peak in West Virginia.  Our large gathering and dining spaces consist of round Mongolian-style yurts designed by the renowned yurt builder William Coperthwaite.

We sleep in tents (or dorm rooms) under the darkest skies in the Eastern US, giving us a vast and inspiring night sky to reflect upon each evening. The combination of bucolic mountain meadows, breathtaking vistas, and deep, moss-covered wilderness forests provide an awe-inspiring mirror for the inner journey to discover the wild territories of our own human hearts.

Much of our inner work happens within the varied living landscapes of this dynamic, mountainous ecosystem, which features impressive rock crags, expansive wildflower meadows, secluded and extensive underworld cave systems, and the quiet solitude of verdant spruce forests. Indoor gatherings are held in our large and beautifully handcrafted wooden yurts.

Each of our meals is thoughtfully prepared with care, and we can accommodate most dietary needs and restrictions.  It is our intention that you be nourished and sustained physically, emotionally, psychologically, and soulfully.

Due to the rustic and isolated nature setting, cell phone service is not available and electronic distractions are kept to a bare minimum.