We can make our minds
So like still water
That beings gather about us
that they may see, it may be,
Their own images,
And so live for a moment
With a clearer,
Perhaps even fiercer life
Because of our quiet.


Meditation is not what you think.

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

Let Our Meditations Calm You or Enliven You

It is necessary to give attention to our ‘Ground of Being’ – that place within where our minds can settle, our bodies can be felt, and our essential being can be supported and contained.

Guided meditations can provide a holding and facilitating function, allows you drop inside,  to feel your own essential and vital groundedness.

From there you can re-orient towards restorative or awakening forces that reside deep in the psyche, preparing you to step forward ever more in the life awaiting you.

Take a look some of what we have to offer, let it settle you or ignite you – and perhaps move you forward, even if it just for the next step you’ll take today.


 ‘Mindfulness As Meditation’

by Irene Tobler

Mindfulness practice is the willingness to be with what is.  

Mindfulness requires patience, persistence and the willingness to face the ordinariness of our experience, as it unfolds moment to moment.

When we slow down, we first come to realize how much our minds are out of control.

We are busy analyzing, judging and resisting our actual experience, in an attempt to hold on to our definition of who we think we are.  

We are so busy thinking and not being present that we forget to make space for the deeper play within us.

This deeper sense of reality reveals itself when we slow down, when we create space between the doing.

It is in the space between things, the space between actions, the space between words, the space between the breath, where new realizations most easily emerge.