The Hero’s Journey® Foundation mission is about taking a deeper dive into living the myth of the Hero’s Journey,

and re-discovering the meaning of myth for our lives we live in the every day.  

About The Hero’s Journey®Myth


 What we do during these wilderness immersion experiences is 

actually live the journey myth of the hero’s adventure.


    There is an unknown territory, a mysterious area where
    the presence of death does not equal the end of life….

     The point is to be able to undergo a little death
    in order to find the genuine thread of one’s life.

     Michael Meade


    • The archetypal myth of the Hero’s Journey ® is an ageless and timeless immersion into the transformative currents of personal and planetary evolution. It calls us away from the familiar horizons of home and habit, and to venture forth into the unknown territories within us. It calls us to the adventure given to us by living into our one true, authentic and vital life.

    • Through consistently ‘do-able’ action, we become a living, personified inspiration of whatever potential lies within the consciousness of our human bodies and minds.  Joseph Campbell said that it is not an exaggeration to say that the hero’s myth provides us with a ‘secret opening‘ through which the inexhaustible life force energies of the universe pour down and into human beings, making the eternal world manifest right here in our daily world.

      Campbell called this ‘becoming the zeal of eternity for incarnation in time’.  When we are actively living into and coming forth from the hero’s myth,  when we actively take up our own personal challenge and journey through it, we both embody a personal presence while also being aware of and connected a presence larger and beyond what we typically live.