Autumn Immersion Details

12:00 pm ET Thurs, October 13th - 1:00 pm ET Sun, October 16th

What to Expect On Your Autumn Immersion Journey

  • Four Days In Which You Step Out Of Time

We live into the Hero’s Journey by fully practicing the cycle of SEPARATION – INITIATION – RETURN. 

We leave behind everything that is familiar to us – people, places, routines, habits, etc.  This allows us to shed a familiar way of being, in order to open to the Journey that awaits us.

  • Experiencing an Ally Group As a Living Presence

Many of us are uncomfortable with groups, as they make us aware of our vulnerabilities, insecurities and shortcomings in social settings.  Yet these Ally Groups are powerful vehicles for awakening to new ways of relating, and new ways of experience one’s self alive to the world.

We work to help each participant experience their Ally Group as a resource and a support to them, allowing each person to go, with support, where they would never be able to go alone.

  • Experiencing A Physical Challenge As A Group

We literally go where we would never go typically in our daily life, moving us beyond our self- imposed limitations, and allowing for new capacities to emerge from within.  For this coming autumn immersion, we will climb the Via Ferrata at Nelson Rocks. 

This experience will offer you a sense of exposure to vastness and wonder that only experienced rock climbers get to do – without the technical skills required.  The challenge will be more psychological than physical, despite some of the rigorous effort necessary to climb the metal rungs in the rock.

  • Working With A Personal Edge

Each participant will have the opportunity to work on a personal limitation or block that tends to hold them back, or an area of struggle that causes them stress or suffering. As well, each participant will receive opportunities, with support, to transcend these obstacles, and gain new ways of perceiving these obstacles

As a result, those attending this particular immersion will have the chance to experience a sense of awakening and becoming more vitally alive, as they face challenges and receive support to move themselves forward in new ways of thinking and acting.


Upon Your Enrollment

You will be directed to our detailed Preparation Section to help you get ready for your Hero’s Journey ® Immersion.  This will include suggestions to help you begin your journey while still at home.  You will be asked to respond to self-reflective questions, and we will suggest some reading to prepare you as well.

We will want a few concise written reflections on Six Preparation Questions that you will submit to us before your arrival on the mountain, along with necessary paperwork and release forms.

All physical and logistical concerns such as recommended clothing and equipment lists and travel information will also be addressed in the preparation section.


The Hero's Journey® Myth

What is the one great story that best tells us about our past, about the meaning and purpose of our origins?  What is the one great story that will inform us of our future, of our as-yet unrealized destiny?   What is it that best informs us about how to live into the mystery of our own existence?  This is precisely what Campbell described to be the Hero’s Journey.

About Our Base Camp

Our rural and remote mountain setting has been our base camp for the past 20 years.  We have cultivated many unique features in this pristine wilderness environment over the years, and we are pleased to offer a setting that is not easy to get to, and is hard to leave behind, once you’ve felt at home there, like many of our participants do.

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

Joseph Campbell

The Power of Myth

A vital person vitalizes the world.

– Joseph Campbell

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