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Working With Potential Space & Transformational Space

On Being, Becoming, & Enlivening In Groups


Understanding Potential Space, Vitalizing Space, & Transformational Space in Groups

The 2023 Training Year

Activating Aliveness in The Group Container

This year, we build on the foundation of previous years – by returning to familiar and essential themes in our group work, and by learning what it takes to deepen a group’s process by working more actively with one’s own internal process of what is happening in the group. 

Vitalizing encounters require groups to creating the necessary conditions for for novel experiences to take place, in a space where the ignition of an enlivening internal process can come about through engaging with a vital other.


We have been exploring what it means to be a part of an ‘interpersonal field’ as a group.  

How does the potential and potency of the whole group exist as a budding possibility within each of its members?

We will work with making ‘potential space’ for direct exchanges and lived encounters with one another that we can track and experience with ‘a felt sense’ in our bodies.  How can each group member be fed by these encounters?

We will pay attention to the necessity of ‘dynamic tension’ in group processes in ways that are life-giving ‘potential space’ to our desires, and give ‘generative movement’ to our aggressive and enlivening impulses.

We will also explore the notion of ‘vitalizing moments of meeting’, where potential shifts into a transformative moment for each person involved in an exchanges, and comes into clearer form and focus through the group as witness.


I am providing you with book recommendations, and some photocopied and highlighted chapters for a more focused distillation of the material we will reference during the spring training week, along with some brand new chapters that have not been highlighted or underlined (yet).  I highly suggest you consider purchasing the Vitalization in Psychoanalysis & Pscyhotherapy book

I think you’ll find these to be quite relevant and worthwhile to our group process experience this year.

We’ll deepen our understanding of vitalization as a fundamental life-giving presence, both as a generative force and as a unbinding force to free up one’s own transformation.  We will experience first-hand together how vital and transformative moments can take place through the relationships we have established with one another.  

As well, we’ll keep on exploring the ways we are animated, moved and troubled by our experiences of desire, and our assertive movements forward in pursuit of our desires.

We will  continue appreciate the essential skill of active witnessing – to be both a part of and apart from –  and the way it provides a container for the experiences of another to be held by, as well as a space for which something new or novel can emerge through the interpersonal field of the group’s presence.

We place an emphasis on going beyond what is, and see how furthering processes can happen in groups, by examining more closely and precisely those various aspects of our humanity that keeps a group from moving forward.  

Finally, we will introduce the notion of the core of one’s being, a space that is not to be communicated with directly, and is wordless in its origins and in its essence.  We will have opportunities to create spaces for this to emerge in group members through the fullness and spaciousness of a silence contained by presence.

Referenced Books For 2023:

Supplemental Reading for 2023:

Supplemental PDF Readings for 2023:

  • to be determined.

Referenced Books From 2022:

Supplemental Reading for 2022:

  • Difficult Topics In Group Therapy, by Jerome Gans.
  • The Group Therapy Experience, by Louis Ormont.
  • Who Do We Choose To Be? by Margaret Wheatley.


I have distilled the amount of content to be read. There are a few PDFs of my personal notes from a new book called Vitalizations: On Being and Becoming.  It is a collection of papers that I find quite inspiring, but not the easiest to read.  (Thus the book notes.)

Below are three short PDFs to read in preparation for the autumn training week.  They are representative of new material that I am excited about sharing. The content fits in very well with understanding the particular skills needed for more intensive group work.

Embodying Essential Process Work Capacities for the Group Facilitator/The Ruthlessness of The Group – Michael Mervosh

Facilitating Aliveness in The Group Container Based on the work of Rachel Peltz

VITALIZATON Perspectives on Being and Becoming – Between Mythos & Logos – Boaz Shalgi

AUDIO RECORDINGS – September 2023


Let The Beauty We Love...

Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to.

Don’t try to see through the distances.

That’s not for human beings.

Move within, but don’t move the way fear makes you move.

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened.

Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.

Take down a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.