Men's Soul Tavern Retreat Preparations

  Preparing For Your Men’s Online Soul Tavern Retreat

1. For this upcoming retreat, we will be working with content from two books:  

 The first book will be our primary reference.  It is THE NEW REPUBLIC OF HEART, by Terry Patten.  Terry offers us a practical path forward out of humanity’s current morass.  He encourages us to talk and listen in new ways.

The second book is a return to the work of James Hollis, it is his book WHAT MATTERS MOST: Living A More Considered Life.  Hollis encourages us to tolerate ambiguity, embrace growth over security, engage spiritual crisis, and acknowledge our shadow of mortality.  

You will be directed to specific chapters and pages in each book, as the retreat draws near, to prepare you for some essential conversations with other men of substance and heart.

2.  Plan to bring a JOURNAL to the retreat, to record important encounters and insights that emerge in unexpected ways during our conversations and self-reflection times.


– Listen to to this episode of the podcast “This Jungian Life” – Humanizing The Hero.

Unlike mythical heroes, everyday heroes struggle—and living fully into a larger purpose serves their personal development. Recent history has humanized the archetype of the hero and brought it down to earth. The new myth is about every man’s heroic energy for individuation and meaning. “

More preparation material, including COVID information, retreat start and ending times etc, can be found here :


“Do you ever have a glimpse that transcends anything you could think of about yourself?  That’s the source field out of which all of your energies are coming.  And so the hero’s journey through the threshold is simply a journey beyond the pairs of opposites, where you go beyond good and evil.”

Joseph Campbell

A vital man vitalizes the world.

– Joseph Campbell

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