Men's Soul Tavern Retreat Details

10:00am ET to 3:00pm ET

by Saturday & Sunday

What to Expect For Your Retreat Weekend

As you are already quite aware, for the best type of journey experience is it best to expect nothing, and be ready for anything.  One of the best adaptive capacities for a seasoned traveler is to be capable of the unexpected.

That being said, you can plan for the following:


2.   WHO – There will be three different Ally Groups attending our men’s retreat.  These will be facilitated by Michael Mervosh, Joseph Jastrab and Josef Beraha.  

3.  HOW – Each day, we will engage the universal process of the Hero’s Journey myth: 


 We will do this by coming together as a community of men to greet one another, settle in, center and open ourselves, and review the topic and themes to be engaged. 

  • From there, we will spend the majority of time in our pre-established Ally Groups. 

After a break, we will come back to the larger community to share our experiences, speak to what stands out, and to further our sharing in spontaneous, short breakout conversations with other men.


To Get The Most Out Of Your Retreat Weekend

Set aside, as best you can, other plans and commitments during this weekend.  Make space to go on walks and be outdoors.  Your reflection and digestion time will be an important feature of the retreat weekend, that you will have to establish for yourself at home, or from wherever you to entering the Soul Tavern retreat.


“I only wanted to do what made sense to my interior.  I don’t see how one can live otherwise…When you wander, think of what you want to do most that day, not what you told yourself you were going to want to do.”

Joseph Campbell

A vital man vitalizes the world.

– Joseph Campbell

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