Welcome to the first episode of the Hero’s Journey® Podcast, January 2019.

Michael Mervosh speaks about the dissolution of the horizon and the emerging ensemble hero.

[0:56] Michael Reads the quote from Joseph Campbell:

“There were formerly horizons within which people lived and thought and mythologized. There are now no more horizons. And with the dissolution of horizons we have experienced and are experiencing collisions, terrific collisions, not only of peoples but also of their mythologies. It is as when dividing panels are withdrawn from between chambers of very hot and very cold airs: there is a rush of these forces together. And so we are right now in an extremely perilous age of thunder, lightning, and hurricanes all around. I think it is improper to become hysterical about it, projecting hatred and blame. It is an inevitable, altogether natural thing that when energies that have never met before come into collision—each bearing its own pride—there should be turbulence. That is just what we are experiencing; and we are riding it: riding it to a new age, a new birth, a totally new condition of mankind—to which no one anywhere alive today can say that he has the key, the answer, the prophecy, to its dawn. Nor is there anyone to condemn here,  What is occurring is completely natural, as are its pains, confusions, and mistakes.”

Excerpt From: Campbell, Joseph. “Myths to Live By.”

[3:50] Michael reflects facing unprecedented, polarizing times we live in.

[6:40] Finding common ground – Michael shares the story of Bob Walter talking about the Ensemble Hero

[9:12] Finding honest challenges, growing an authentic response – the task of the ordinary hero.

[10:00] Michael reads

As Once The Winged Energy of Delight

– Rainer Maria Rilke

As once the winged energy of delight
carried you over childhood’s dark abysses,
now beyond your own life build the great
arch of unimagined bridges.

Wonders happen if we can succeed
in passing through the harshest danger;
but only in a bright and purely granted
achievement can we realize the wonder.

To work with Things in the indescribable
relationship is not too hard for us;
the pattern grows more intricate and subtle,
and being swept along is not enough.

Take your practiced powers and stretch them out
until they span the chasm between two
contradictions…For the god
wants to know himself in you.

[12:17] Michael invites patience and tolerance to bridge the polarization…. let’s become more capable of the unexpected.

With Thanks to One River for the musical intro! Their song Sun Son, Moon Sun is part of their new album of the same name, check it out!