Getting Ready For Your

Men’s Soul Tavern Weekend

You’re about to make your way to the Mens’ Soul Tavern Weekend at the Hotel Eden Roc, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain.

On this preparation page you have all the information you need to get ready for your Soul Tavern Weekend.

This preparation process itself lays the foundation for the depth of experience you will have on the weekend with us.

Please allow yourself time to give your full and focused attention to each part of the preparation process.

If you have questions, contact Josef Beraha.

Workshop Starting and Ending Times

Our Retreat begins each day at at 10:00 am.  On Friday, please arrive at the Mediterranean Room between 9:30am and 9:45am, so we can start promptly at 10:00am.

On Friday & Saturday, we end at 6:00pm. On Sunday, the workshop ends at 2:00pm.

Plan on arriving at the Hotel Eden Roc sometime on Thursday, and get settled into your room, and the surrounding nature.

GPS Address:
Hotel Eden Roc – Punta de Port Salvi, s/n, 17220 Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Girona, Spain

COVID Information

Curently there are no Covid test requirements for the 2023 Men’s Soul Tavern Weekend. 


This upcoming retreat weekend will be centered around opportunities for authentic self-experience and self-expression, stirred by deeper ‘soul conversations’ anchored in the realities taking place in our lives. 

We will be exploring what our most authentic responses may be to the challenges we face in our current world, and how we experience our internal lives as men.

For this upcoming retreat, we will be working with content from two texts:

1. The first reference is a poem from Tom Hirons called, “Sometimes A Wild God”.  His short book based on the poem will anchor us on what it takes to bring new life forth in challenging times.

2. The second book is the latest work of James Hollis, entitles Living Between Worlds: Finding Personal Resilience In Changing Times.  

Hollis encourages us to encompass the relationship between our inner struggles and the rapidly shifting realities of modern human existence.  He reminds us that the path for us will always rely on our connection to a reality larger than ourselves.

You are especially encouraged to read Chapter 8 – Navigating Changing Times, and Chapter 9 – A Map To Meaning.  

Plan to bring a JOURNAL to the retreat to record important encounters and insights that emerge in unexpected ways during our conversations and self-reflection times.


Packing List


Journal & Pen

Hiking (outdoor) Shoes


Swimming Gear

Water Bottle

Musical Instrument

Follow Your Bliss

“When living is a mythic journey, you can give expression to your unconscious fears,

desires, tensions and longings that underlie your conscious behaviors.  

Living into your own personal myth can rescue a deeply buried personal orientation for

living in the world, obtained from within the most profound depths of your most human tendencies and character.”