Women's Soul Circle

With Anna Noack, Irene Tobler, Kate Pernice, Kim Clay, Cindy Petrakis-Mason, Nancy Lishack, Cecily Armstrong + Janet Wepner

Connect With Other Women

Online Community Format

Deep and Real, Group Participation

Re-Engage   Re-Store   Re-Enliven


Email: anna@herosjourneyfoundation.org




“Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are.”

– Meg Wheatley

Community, Courage, and Imagining the New Possible

Gather with women from around the world, for a circle of connection via Zoom. We share council space to open our hearts and speak what’s real and true.

Release the past, pause in the unknown, gather tools and resources to imagine what can emerge in the new possible. 

An Orientation to the Uncertain Now

In the now – we are often sitting with the tension of the in-between places. 

We are living through a deeply uncertain “middle way” right now. Caught between our remembered past, and our possible futures we occupy the uncertain.

How can we be more at home with the vulnerability of the unknown in our lives?

We often can swiftly reach for certainty because it feels safer or easier. But there’s value in holding the tension that lies in the unknown.

If we can sit with the discomfort and tension of not knowing, we can patiently create space for deeper understanding and empathy, and the courage to reflect, imagine and emerge.

Together, we can Imagine the New Possible. 

 “The way of the feminine is about the movement of formlessness into form, from quietude to expressions, a pouring of the waters of the void into the ground of being.”

– Mirabai Starr


10:00AM – 12:00PM ET / 4:00PM – 6:00PM SPAIN 


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