The Hero's Journey Foundation is inspired by the mythological teachings gathered from Joseph Campbell, an American professor, writer, scholar and orator in the fields of mythology and comparative religion.

On our site, you will find a variety of in-depth programs, events, writings, poetry and other multi-media resources. They offer the possibility of entering a mythical sense of adventure and engaging a certain soulful longing, to bring forth a more harmonious and vital exchange with the life within and around you..

Open yourself to the possibility of living your own life as a hero's journey.

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  • July 19-25, 2015

    Norbert & High Plains Men's Journey 2015

    The Men’s Journey, 2015

    A Hero’s Journey is an ageless and timeless immersion into the transformative currents of personal and...

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  • August 2nd-8th, 2015


    The Women’s Journey, 2015

    At certain times in life, a woman feels a calling to make a profound...

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  • I felt like this course gave me the platform to be my "best" self, and to see my limitations with a new level of compassion. I inhaled copious amounts of courage and support from the live broadcasts hosted by Michael, and from my allies, which for moments replaced crippling self-doubt. How could I be anything but grateful for the whole messy, grand process?

    Beth, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

  • The women's heros journey delivered me a deeper understanding of the journey from my head to my heart. I saw how I created, and, allowed fear to paralyze me in my life, and I also saw my light reflected back to me in the women I journeyed with. Each day and each experience gave me a gift to work with. I will be back!

    Heather, Ontario, Canada

  • The Hero's Journey experience gave me the opportunity to take up some challenges in a vitally different way. The community support touches deep into my heart."

    Joyce C. Kentucky, USA