Our In-Person Journeys

We are accepting participants for our signature week-long

Summer Journey Intensives.

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Our Summer Journey Intensives


  • Create a sense of mystery, wonder and awe.
  • Take you beyond yourself, into a sense of expansion, vastness and connectedness.
  • We craft the specific conditions necessary to bring forth the adventure that is waiting for you.
  • Expect nothing, be ready for anything,  and be open to surprises.
  • Spontaneous and meaningful adventures tend to naturally unfold for those who are ready to open to it.

Prepare yourself for opening to new possibilities on how to live, how to love, and how to make new choices beyond any reality you may have experienced prior to taking this kind of journey.


Our Four Day Events

Fall Immersion Journey


A Four Day Co-Ed Journey Immersion, led by Michael Mervosh

Men's Soul Tavern

Jan 2024. A four-day men’s retreat that brings alive a sense of renewal for the new year.

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