Feb 17, 2020 | Meditation

Embodied Humming


Written by Anna Noack


Start Your Morning with Embodied Humming

“As our body hums, the present moment lives within us.” – Michael Mervosh.

Do you use Insight Timer App as a meditation tool? We have a presence there – you can tune in to meditations…

Here’s Michael’s latest offering, humming along with the wider world: 


The way you give your body over to being..
When we’re anxious about living in the world, our thinking separates us. And it will separate us from a core understanding from everything the body already knows. Which is that our bodies belong to the world. Our bodies express the world, our bodies are held by the world, and resonates with all that happens in the world. And to think that we’re separate from this life is a delusion that deadens us and dooms us- to think that we’re separate in this world.

So in your own way and in your own time this morning, how do you sink into your embodied being and feel yourself belonging to this world? How do you use your breath to center you, to anchor you? To pull you into your own embodiment.


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